Want to be the next city to grow the record but don’t know where to start? Here are some steps that you may find helpful!

Learn about the banks in your area.

We have provided some resources to help you with this, but feel free to do your own research as well.

Fossil Fuel Investments by Banks Worldwide

Canadian Banks Information Pamphlet

Learn about the credit unions in your area.

Most credit unions will have better and more localized investments than the big banks, but you may want to look into the details of each one. If it doesn’t say on their website, call them and ask them. You can also send out an email to each one asking about their investments and share their responses, letting people decide for themselves which one to go with!

Find credit unions in Canada

Find credit unions in the USA

Come up with a plan!

This is easier with help. Try reaching out to local environmental groups (by phone call or meeting in person) and determine if there is interest in breaking the record in your city.

Contact us and let us know your plan!

We can help you with promotion!

Contact Us Here

Invite the media

It’s a good idea to invite every media outlet you know to your event and to let them know the week in advance if possible.

How to write a Press Release

Have someone count how many cards are cut up at your event.

Anyone can do this, but you may want to have fun with it, such as periodically announcing how many cards you’re at and how close you are to the record!

Send us any pictures/videos/media coverage that you have.

We will add your city to the list of record holders on the website and publish your story!

Challenge other cities to break and GROW the record that you set!

YOU DID IT! You set the record for your own city and also set a benchmark to beat for other cities around the world! Now you’ll want to challenge other cities to break your record as so it can continue to keep growing over time!